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1/30/20 Update:
I've since removed this from the Chrome Store. Duolingo redesigned skill trees in 2018 which removed the "decay" concept that the extension was searching for.

I took one semester of German in college a few years ago and have been using Duolingo to slowly keep at it.

Lessons on Duolingo are organized in a skill tree. As you complete a topic it turns gold. Over time each skill decays, prompting you to return to previous skills to review them.

After each lesson I navigate back to the home page, which starts at the top of the tree. I then skill down through the tree again, looking for the next non-gold lesson to review. This interaction bugged me a little bit. I was never really sure where the next lesson is, and I didn't want to skip a lesson and accidently let it decay further.

Manually scrolling on Duolingo

Duoscroll is a Chrome extension that adds a button to your Chrome menu that scrolls to your next lesson that needs review.

Scrolling automatically on Duolingo

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